After the second prototype, I extended my direction to biorhythm, which is an attempt to predict various aspects of a person’s life through simple mathematical cycles(by Wikipedia). From the mindmap I created, you could see that the first part I want to explore is chronobiology, which is related to alarm, so that the random machine I made will separate weekdays and weekends, and will provide people different options on those different days. To do list on weekdays will be things about study and work, but on weekends, things will be relaxable, like listen to music or play games.Social Thing: idea development 1Social Thing: idea development

As you can see two pictures above, are my second direction. I found a biorhythm calculator online which could calculate your own biorhythm according to your birthday and generate three data. Those three aspects are a physical, emotional and intellectual condition.

In that case, I hope my random machine could give people suggestions which based on their personal situation. For example, if your physical condition is great today, we will suggest you do some outdoor activities or sports. The other suggestion is on my mindmap above. So what I did are hoping to find people’s potential demands and understand what they actually need, I’m trying to use the random machine to influence people’s behavior and they don’t have to waste their time on decision making anymore.


Feedback: Nicolas suggested me I could do more research on biorhythm, analyze how it works and how to use biorhythm of our body, what to do and why we do that.