It is controversial topic about whether women do make-up on the tube or other public places. And as our society become more and mote advanced, there are more and more women choose to make-up on the tube.

Applying your make-up on the tube used to be as taboo as talking in a library.

But a new study has found that more than 67% of British women now apply all their make-up on the morning commute – with an extra 22% just touching up their lipstick or mascara while travelling.

With the average journey to work taking 45 minutes, it leaves ample time for British women to cover up blemishes, lengthen eyelashes, powder their noses and apply lipstick.

But unsurprisingly 75% of women reported a cosmetic mishap thanks to sudden traffic stops, being jostled on a packed train or bus and having to juggle holding cosmetics and a mirror.

Lipstick was the most applied cosmetic on the go, with pressed powder and blusher following suit.

Eyeliner was deemed the most difficult product, with only 33% of women attempting to apply it whilst on the move due to the steady hand needed to get an accurate result.

There’s a vote from Marie Claire which is about if you will do the make-up on the tube or not.

Make Up On The Tube 1

I personally support that women do make-up on the tube, but I don’t do that(personally shamed). Among 402 voters from this vote, 50% people present they do make-up on the tube all the time. 41% people include me think we don’t but we also don’t judge people who does that. Only 9% people think that is inappropriate behavior in public spaces.

There are some comments talking about make-up on the tube.

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There’s even a Tumblr dedicated to it –