Since the first day when I came to London, I was interested in women who doing their make-up on the tube. The reason I care about is this situation less happened in China. I’ve been to lots of cities in China, but I rarely saw women did that.

Last summer, I went to the language class every day so I had to catch the peak of the tube to the school, I found in the peaking morning there were too much women did their make-up on the tube, which in China is impossible. when I was in China , it is quite difficult to see a make-up people. I guess this may be related to the cultural background, the East people do care about the feelings of others or the society, the Chinese people think this kind of behaviors are impolite and inappropriate. But in the Western culture, they’ve always been self-oriented, advocating individualism, so basically, they do care about theirselves rather than others. This difference makes me feel very interesting.

I think the other important reason is there is no Internet on the tube in U.K, people could not chat with others or even reply emails, what they could do is reading books or making-up? My conjecture :)…..