Technology plays an important role in the composition of human nature and identity, and human beings gradually form and expand themselves through technological tools and cultural relics. In our modern times, technology has become an inherent part of scientific research and diagnostics. This means that it also has our view of human nature. AI has developed today to learn to stimulate, expand and expand human intelligence and produce a new intelligent machine that can react in a way similar to human intelligence. Research in this area includes robotics, language recognition, image recognition, natural language processing and expert systems. Since the birth of artificial intelligence, theory and technology are increasingly mature, the application areas are also expanding.

The rapid development of psychological and physical enhancement techniques and their impact on human abilities – such as reason, self-awareness, institutions, and autonomy – are another important subject of the Organization’s investigation. We will also reflect on the moral impact of these technologies on our lives.

I think the future of the AI may have its own IQ, and resist us human beings. This risk also occurred in some movies. The main point is to allow the machine to have power and continue to autonomy if the machine has a sense of autonomy, which means that the machine has the same or similar creativity, self-protection awareness, emotional and spontaneous behavior just like the human.

The development of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in the future is exciting and dangerous. My idea is about everyone
will use AI in their work and daily life, what if AI has their own cognition and intervenes decision making of human beings?

The human being is the center of the earth now, we control the technology, but in the future, the role of technology and us will change?