Today we had the final crit with Rania and Ricci from IBM. We did the first presentation about our tribe with them in April, and they came to see our prototypes and gave useful feedbacks for us today. I showed my project to everyone and also look at others work, I have to say, it was a wonderful session this morning, all the others work were quite interesting and impressive!

I also got some useful feedback from IBM guys, Gareth, Nicolas and some of my classmates. Thanks for everyone.
Social Thing: Feedback from Final Crit 1

Here are some important points:

  • how about input data? maybe use Pulse Sensor for example. So that I could provide more interactive actions to the audience.
  • output the result. currently, the suggestion my prototype produce are on the screen of my laptop, how can I show them to the audience directly without a laptop? Rania was thinking that touch the calendar should be the “input”, and the suggestion should be “output”, she thought my they are reversed.
  • optimize the interface.
  • Maybe people can adjust their curves according to the current situation after a day? How do I generate curves in real time?
  • Think more about those question: When people will use this calendar and How often they will use?
  • Integrate current technologies.
  • how to help people make the daily decision as a designer. (weather/ colour)