Biorhythm Calendar

As my tribe is the women who do their make-up on the tube, essentially, the value of this tribe is the fast life in contemporary society and people do not have enough time to do those kinds of things, such as makeup. So that they made full use of their fragment time in their daily life.

In that case, my idea is based o the biorhythm of themselves, which could calculate their own biorhythm according to your birthday and generate three data. Those three aspects are the physical, emotional and intellectual condition.

So that I could give people suggestions which based on their personal biorhythm. For example, if your physical condition is great today, I’ll suggest you do some outdoor activities or sports. I’m trying to find people’s potential demands and analyze what things will better to them today. The purpose of this calendar is generating a reasonable, targeted recommendations to my tribe and find their priorities quickly. I’m trying to use the biorhythm calendar to influence their behavior and I wonder they don’t have to waste their time on decision making anymore.


In the 3rd prototype, I related my biorhythm cycles with the random machine, to show my personal condition this month. So that my random machine was not totally random anymore,  it based on the human biorhythm somehow. What the machine will generate is totally according to my daily condition. In that case, the suggestions I will receive make my fragment time more effective and reasonable.