Because of the environmental destruction, and reducing of biodiversity, the ecological environment will become worse and worse, human will suffer from the result. Due to air pollution, we will lose the resistance and immunity to illness, we have to rely on drugs to maintain our life, and drug abuse will become a big problem in the future, so I wonder what if there are no drugs anymore? and what if we found other effective and advanced medical treatment?

Microchips for future medical treatment

The microchips could enhance human body’s natural self-healing and immunity system. In other words, we will be healthier and are able to ward off viruses and bacteria more successful.
Apart from that, such an implant would also come in handy to treat mental health illness. The moment the implant is in one’s body, it will keep tracking of your nervous system, organs, and overall health, and also counteract anything which may upset the balance of your body. Constantly assess yourself, to ensure that the body in the detection of disease, so your body could deal with it quickly. The advantage is that the patient does not have to take medicine anymore.