from my research, I found introverts are easy to be Internet Addiction because they are afraid of face-to-face communication, so in order to support this personality and encourage them to communicate in the real life. (is not their fault, it’s just a mental phenomena)So I want to design an installation that audience making sounds( no matter clapping or stamping the floor )or using their body movement or another non-verbal commuication way with other strangers to change the environment, like the lights and sounds around the area. The core idea is about transferring the sound and action elements of the room into music and lights,so that introverted people don’t have to do any verbal communication.

 Think about how your *audience* engages with your proj-
 ect. What the project is, what’s for and why should be
 apparent in the design. It shouldn’t need instructions or
 videos to explain it. *What is the main thing you want a
 visitor to think?*
Inspiration 1

Inspiration 2