I photoshopped this picture which I wear the high-tech contact lens.


According to the feedback, I got from the tutorial, I began to think about the need to implant the human body chip. If we want to enjoy the convenience of technology, this is what we must do sacrifice? Is there any technology that can be solved now?

So I got the inspiration from the movie “Her” and I began to explore using existing technology to imagine the future of everyone relies on AI.

How can I make people do not rely heavily on AI? My answer is uncomfortable design.Developing ideaDeveloping idea 1Developing idea 2

There is some contact lens with high-tech have been used.



Developing idea 3

Integrate technology

My developing idea is to integrate the existing high-tech. Because I think the current technology can solve the problem.

Firstly, I need receivers, so I think the glasses are the best way to render and visualize our data and information. Second, with a wireless earphone to receive voice information, these two parts finally controlled by a bracelet, which you can open, close and adjust the system.

Developing idea 4

Make Ai become annoying.

The important part of my design is making AI become annoying through give them a bad voice and same gender as the user. Trying my best to make the human do not rely on AI.