Taiwanese designer Yi-Fei Chen designed a chair (figure 2) that could escaping uncomfortable situations, if you sat for too long, the cushions above the wooden stools explode, often giving the user an excuse to escape the embarrassing social scenario in order to prevent the seat from exploding. In Eastern culture, it’s very rude that you’re telling someone you want to be alone on social occasions, so she wants to provide a well-designed excuse for introverts. She was inspired by smokers, she wanted to create things like cigarettes and was used by only one person in social settings, so she created the chair. This example supports introverts’ desire well to evade reality and provides them with an excuse that they can avoid rather than help introverts become more outward-oriented, which to a certain extent supports introverted personality.

This project has nothing about social networking. It’s simply designed to find embarrassing introverts engaging in social situations, giving introverts an excuse to escape and avoid social embarrassment. It can be seen from this example that introverts do not like the communication in real life. Like Japanese Hikikomori, they usually choose to evade what they do not like. It reminds me of today’s technology development, friends are no longer parties to chat and greetings, its always every person hold a cell phone to play. So many restaurant turn off the wifi,

in order to let people come back to the reality. A Taiwanese hot pot restaurant needs to have everyone’s cell phone underneath, powering the hotpot with gravity, making it impossible for people to use their cellphone during mealtime, it gives people more chances to talk to people around them. Different designs for different purposes, I think there is no need to consider how to make introverts involved in social communication, but should take care of their personality and emotions, to think about which social ways to make them feel confident and comfortable. So I think the design of this chair is very interesting, I also like to try as one of introverts.