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Last week our class took part in one of the biggest art and design festival—— Ars Electronica Festival 2017in Linz.  I showed my Social Thing Project-biorhythm calendar in this exhibition, which is about telling people who in fast life to use their fragment time efficiently. Basically, biorhythm has three conditions, they are physicial、emotional and intellectual, they represent our body and mind condition and kind of like our biological clock. Through this exhibition, I found most of the people do not know what is biorhythm, but they do really like using it to check their day. The other thing is its hard to explain that biorhythm has the scientific basis, some of them asked me that where is from and how it works. So I think I should pay more attention to explain it specifically.

Ars Electronica 2

There are a variety of works that I love this festival, but the most interesting one I want to share is the escaping chair. This chair can escape from people, through the infrared sensors, where people go it will escape from, in order to let people do not sit down. The chair designed to keep people from sedentary and encourage them to move. I observed that many of the visitors had a great interest in the chair, and they saw that the escaping chair would tease it and play with it. This makes me think about the meaning of interactive design, the principle of this project and Joy’s trash bin are the same, but the performance of them are opposite, one is to follow people, one is to escape people.


I used to think that interaction design is to promote communication between people and the system, in order to provide them with a better communication, but this project changed some of my views, I began to think whether the interaction design of the work must be user-centred, and completely serving for human beings. I think the answer is no. There are a lot of design works may not have any deep meanings, perhaps just being beautiful, obviously the design includes aesthetics but not more than aesthetics, it should be practicality, but also cause our reflection, so I want to interact with the design also Not just make people feel fun only, but should provide some kind of deep meaning inside.


The relationship between Design and people is not the only service. Our life habits and preferences change and guide the design, but at the same time, people are also changed due to the development of technology and the birth of those design (such as AI, AR, VR). As a designer, how to improve the industry environment, how to design a meaningful interactive product is worth to pondering and continue to learn.