“Her” is a movie about the futuristic love story of love fiction in the near future with AI. The protagonist Theodore is a letter writer, he can write the most touching letters. He had just finished his marriage with his wife, and he is not yet out of the shadow of heartbreaking. A chance to let him access to the latest AI system OS1, her name is Samantha, she has a charming voice, she is considerate and humorous. Theodore and Samantha discovered that they were so marginalized very soon. But man-machine relationship eventually developed into a strange love that was not understood by the secular world …

Humans are eager to the intimate relationship, science and technology provide a convenient communication to them, but also allow people to hide behind it, to avoid the real emotional contact.AI Reference 3: Her AI Reference 3: Her 1

There are some dialogue from this film. We know AI learns people’s preferences and tries its best to cater us, but it is not human, it does not have real feelings and any emotions. When humans fall in love with AI, the final result can only be sad.

So, for AI, we humans are no secret and privacy, AI knows all
of our information, but for AI,
we are not programmers, we know nothing about it. In this relationship, human beings are passive, it is difficult to ensure that AI will always serve the human.