IOT—The Internet of Things is transforming every corner of life: the home, the office, city streets and beyond. IoT products provide human a greater control over door locks, lights and other devices; offer insights into resource consumption habits; and better connect us to the people, systems, and environments that shape our daily lives.

The relationship between AI and IOT:
AI typically works in tandem with the Internet of Things (IOT), which includes devices like connected and wearables home gadgets.IoT collects the information, but AI is the engine that will power analytics and decision-making from that information.

IoT connects disparate devices, such as wearables, and can scale to connect a nearly unlimited number of devices, continuously streaming data. AI processes data makes inferences about this data, and ultimately enables recommendations in real time.

Whether AI or IOT are very advanced, they liberate our human brain and physical, but the reflection: we use that technology to save our physical power and release our brain, but did we do other meaningful things? Is good that we are always relying on the machine?AI Reference 2: IOT house