Project: William Morris Project

How to connect our patterns and audience? For the patterns part. we inspired by the ideas of William Morris’ repeated patterns, but make it more modern. So we designed these moving and changing patterns, in order to reinterpreting WM’s patterns with contemporary technology and aesthetics. And as we said before, our main idea is “The more people can access the art, the stronger the art will become.” So once audience come into this space, they will make some sounds and noises by treading the floor, and then these sounds will connect to our MAX system which can control the patterns. More

How the masses create art?

  This is a prime example of no people no art. Before the stomping it was nothing more than a floor.       Ref:… More

William Morris and his paradox

The more people can access the art, the stronger the art will become. This installation will close the gap between William Morris’ theories and his art. As a man who believed so strongly in Socialism and the accessibility of art for the masses, the expensive production of his art never laddered up to his ideas. In this piece the art cannot exist without the masses, the more people to interact in the space, the stronger the piece will become. We will design an echo chamber, which is a dark room with three-sided mirrors and one side of the projector. More

MindMap about William Morris

I did some research and found some interesting connections between William Morris’s art work and his political status and position. More