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Research/Proposal 03- Research Question

Title:  Social Networking, Conformity, and Depression Due to the development of social networking and social media, our mind and behaviors have already been changed, there have been some new network psychology symptoms called Cyberpsychology. For example, indecisive people always do what others did, play the game that others also played with, use the networking site that others used, all they did are not determined by their own, why they do that is just because they want to have common topic and synesthesia with others. the other example is the introverted people do not know what to do when they feel embarrassing… More

Research/Proposal 01- Serveying the Field (TBC)

We were grouped with the same interest, our group (3 people) were interested in Social Internet/Media Behavior. We discussed some elements which caused our behavior difference and drawn a mind map to show our idea. I am going to explore the relationship between the Internet and human beings, try to figure out how human beings influenced by the environment, and how the environment reacts to human. More

Reverse Engineering Task – No Place like home

Chosen Project: Dominic Wilcox – No Place Like Home keywords:GPS,  LED,  shoes, technology, wearable device   Title No Place Like Home——Is it possible using technology making a pair of shoes which could guide us road?   Field of study • Explore the functionality and aesthetics within design. • Use modern technologies • Hand crafting & shoes making   Context I was commissioned by the Global Footprint project in Northamptonshire, a place famous for shoe making, to create some shoes. I decided to make a pair of shoes that can navigate you to anywhere you wish to travel to. I… More