Project: Speculative Design Page 2

History of Elephant & Castle

Medieval and early modern Known previously as Newington (Newington Butts and Newington Causeway are two of the principal roads of the area), in the medieval period it was part of rural Surrey, in the manor of Walworth. This is listed in the Domesday Book as belonging to the Archbishop of Canterbury; the income from its rents and tithes supplied the monks at Christ Church Canterbury with their clothing, and a ‘church’ is mentioned.[6] The parish was called St Mary, Newington, which church occupied… More

Workshop with Georgina Voss

Today we receive our brief of unit 2.1: Speculative Design. And also have a workshop with Georgina Voss. Our class is grouped into 4 teams to work 4 different topics. Those topics were all about hypothesis near future. The topics make us understanding the ideas about Speculative Design. Our topic is if toothpaste becomes expensive in the future, what will happen? Our idea is designing a Digital Emoji Mask. Because toothpaste is super expensive, so we are wondering that will affect human behaviors, for example, poor people will not brush their teeth anymore in order to save their money, so… More

What’s Speculative Design?

The Speculative Design brief led me to a new area of design. My major was Industrial Design in the University before, So to me, it is unusual that the purpose of design is not to solve problems. In Speculative Everything by Dunne & Raby, they create a new area of design instead of just thinking about solving design problems and finding solutions to users and audiences. They changed the way that we used to think about design and the purpose why we generate our ideas. Speculative Design begins at one simple question may be asked——“What if..?” When someone raised one… More