Project: Speculative Design

Final Outcome: Speculative Film

In the world of AI technology, the film focuses on the consequences of AI everywhere, especially in affecting our decision-making and abusing of our information without any permission. The film is divided into three parts – enjoy AI, do not agree with AI, and finally can not tolerate AI abusing our data and personal information. The protagonist Tracy finally can not bear with AI anymore, She felt that her privacy has been infringed, so she decided to stop relying on it. More

Developing idea

I photoshopped this picture which I wear the high-tech contact lens.   According to the feedback, I got from the tutorial, I began to think about the need to implant the human body chip. If we want to enjoy the convenience of technology, this is what we must do sacrifice? Is there any technology that can be solved now? So I got the inspiration from the movie “Her” and I began to explore using existing technology to imagine the future of everyone relies on AI. How can I make people do not rely heavily on AI? My answer… More

reference: implant technology

Black Mirror Everyone’s ears are implanted with a memory chip, the memory of the picture can be output at any time, they can play, pause, playback the video, like films. In this particular chapter, the artificial eye directly replaces the original organ, and everything you see can be shared.   Woman Implants Microchip In Hand So That She Does Not Need To Carry Office Keys 25-year-old Lantz who does not have a fondness for carrying keys around, and she decided to implant a grain-sized microchip inserted in her hand. “I don’t feel as though this… More

Initial Idea: Mircochips

My initial idea for AI’s future is that everyone will be asked to implant a microchip into their body. I can imagine the future is our people and technology integration. I think this is the best way, which machine can totally understand us, rather than relying on the current technology, by analyzing the external data to serve us. So I photoshopped this picture, it looks cool but personally, I am a little bit fear about technology implant into my body, it makes me feel be controlled. More

AI Reference 3: Her

“Her” is a movie about the futuristic love story of love fiction in the near future with AI. The protagonist Theodore is a letter writer, he can write the most touching letters. He had just finished his marriage with his wife, and he is not yet out of the shadow of heartbreaking. A chance to let him access to the latest AI system OS1, her name is Samantha, she has a charming voice, she is considerate and humorous. Theodore and Samantha discovered that they were so marginalized very soon. But man-machine relationship eventually developed into a strange love that was… More

AI Reference 2: IOT house

IOT—The Internet of Things is transforming every corner of life: the home, the office, city streets and beyond. IoT products provide human a greater control over door locks, lights and other devices; offer insights into resource consumption habits; and better connect us to the people, systems, and environments that shape our daily lives. The relationship between AI and IOT: AI typically works in tandem with the Internet of Things (IOT), which includes devices like connected and wearables home gadgets.IoT collects the information, but AI is the engine that will power analytics and decision-making from that information. IoT connects disparate… More

AI Reference 1: AlphaGo

Ref 1. AlphaGo match with the human.   The number of possible scenarios on the chessboard is much larger than the number of atoms in the universe.   Alphago’s search process in the Monte Carlo tree. Source: Nature     For AI, the world is presented in a digital way. AlphaGo includes two deep neural networks: Value Network and Policy Network. The value network makes AlphaGo able to clarify the situation, the global “strategy”, abandon the inappropriate route; strategic network makes AlphaGo can optimize each step, around the… More

What if…?

Technology plays an important role in the composition of human nature and identity, and human beings gradually form and expand themselves through technological tools and cultural relics. In our modern times, technology has become an inherent part of scientific research and diagnostics. This means that it also has our view of human nature. AI has developed today to learn to stimulate, expand and expand human intelligence and produce a new intelligent machine that can react in a way similar to human intelligence. Research in this area includes robotics, language recognition, image recognition, natural language processing and expert systems. Since the… More

Formative Assessment: Human Microchips for Future Medical Treatment

Because of the environmental destruction, and reducing of biodiversity, the ecological environment will become worse and worse, human will suffer from the result. Due to air pollution, we will lose the resistance and immunity to illness, we have to rely on drugs to maintain our life, and drug abuse will become a big problem in the future, so I wonder what if there are no drugs anymore? and what if we found other effective and advanced medical treatment? The microchips could enhance human body’s natural self-healing and immunity system. In other words, we will be healthier and are… More

Uninvited Guest

A good example of their work is Uninvited Guests, which explores frictions between an elderly man and ’smart objects’ [devices] in his home. This project, commissioned by ThingTank, gives a glimpse of a not-so-distant future where smart devices – rather than being helpers – are actually controlling (elderly) people’s lives.  … More