Project: Physical Computing

Things That Talk——Unconscious Design(Without Thought)

Freud’s theory of Personality Structure Conscious:be able to realize something Consciousness is the state or quality of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. Preconscious:Just forgot something. Preconscious are the thoughts which are unconscious at the particular moment in question, but which are not repressed and are therefore available for recall and easily ‘capable of becoming conscious’ Unconscious:something didn’t show on. Unconscious is a psychological activities, people often do not realize that, namely, is subconscious. It is a habitual, accidental, instantaneous response; for example, we see the blind sidewalk,… More


I want to use the MPR121 to control the speed of LED blinking. There is the code: #define ledPin 13 #include “mpr121.h” #include <Wire.h> int delay_ = 0; int irqpin = 2; // Digital 2 boolean touchStates[12]; //to keep track of the previous touch states void setup(){ pinMode(irqpin, INPUT); pinMode( ledPin, OUTPUT ); // pinMode(LED_BUILTIN, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(irqpin, HIGH); //enable pullup resistor Serial.begin(9600); Wire.begin(); mpr121_setup(); } void loop(){ digitalWrite( ledPin, HIGH ); delay( delay_ ); digitalWrite( ledPin, LOW ); delay( delay_ ); readTouchInputs(); } void readTouchInputs(){… More

Arduino_Push Button

This week we learnt about how to control the LED by using button. here is the code: void setup() { pinMode( 13, OUTPUT ); pinMode( 12, OUTPUT ); pinMode( 11, OUTPUT ); pinMode( 7, INPUT ); } void loop() { boolean btnState = digitalRead( 7 ); if ( btnState == HIGH ) { digitalWrite( 13, HIGH ); digitalWrite( 12, LOW ); delay(200); digitalWrite( 11, LOW ); digitalWrite( 12, LOW ); delay(200); digitalWrite( 11, LOW ); } else { digitalWrite( 13, LOW ); digitalWrite(… More