Project: Personal

Ars Electronica

  Last week our class took part in one of the biggest art and design festival—— Ars Electronica Festival 2017in Linz.  I showed my Social Thing Project-biorhythm calendar in this exhibition, which is about telling people who in fast life to use their fragment time efficiently. Basically, biorhythm has three conditions, they are physicial、emotional and intellectual, they represent our body and mind condition and kind of like our biological clock. Through this exhibition, I found most of the people do not know what is biorhythm, but they do really like using it to check their day. The… More

IBM workshop: Food and Recipe App

  Today we worked with IBM team using Design Thinking and Human-Centred Design methods to design an App about food and recipe. The workshop began with building personae, and our class were grouped into 4 team. Our group were thinking about a person who named Lin and she is 25 years old. She is a banker which job are about finance, she’s busy and very good at data analyses and math. Because of her role, it is no time to find a boyfriend into her life. Then we created a empathy map in order to list ideas of what… More

The First Time to Meet Arduino

This is my first time to meet Arduino, I found it was so much fun and I’m looking forward to seeing many different usage in the future! Besides, I brought a Arduino kit for starters, hoping to explore more in this winter break!… More