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Interview Japanese women make-up on the tube(Eastern)

I requested some interviews to my friend who is studying her MA degree in Japan now, I want to ask some question to local Japanese women who do their make-up every day (approximately 10 people). My friend said she will return the result to me in this week, so I’m waiting for her.   My question are: 1. Do you often do make-up on the tube? 2. How many of the friends around you choose to make-up on the tube? 3. Why you choose doing make-up on the tube rather than at home? 4. Do you usually do the… More

Secondary Research——Make-up On the Tube in Japan

In China, there are only 30%-40% women do make-up in their daily life. In Japan, more than 90% women do make-up every day, but make-up on the tube is still a controversial social topic in Japan. This is a news reported this issue: “  Is it acceptable to use your commute to apply make-up? One Japanese rail company thinks not and has released a song-and-dance video discouraging women from doing it.   在通勤电车上化妆合适吗?一家日本铁路公司觉得这种行为不合时宜,并且发布了一段歌舞宣传的视频,劝女性停止这种行为。   Two female commuters are seen applying mascara and lipstick and a woman watching whispers “Mittomonai” or “ugly to see”. She then angrily… More

Secondary Research——Make-Up On The Tube in U.K

It is controversial topic about whether women do make-up on the tube or other public places. And as our society become more and mote advanced, there are more and more women choose to make-up on the tube. Applying your make-up on the tube used to be as taboo as talking in a library. But a new study has found that more than 67% of British women now apply all their make-up on the morning commute – with an extra 22% just touching up their lipstick or mascara while travelling. With the… More

Find the tribe——women doing make-up on the tube

Since the first day when I came to London, I was interested in women who doing their make-up on the tube. The reason I care about is this situation less happened in China. I’ve been to lots of cities in China, but I rarely saw women did that. Last summer, I went to the language class every day so I had to catch the peak of the tube to the school, I found in the peaking morning there were too much women did their make-up on the tube, which in China is impossible. when I was in China , it is quite difficult to see… More


Back to the root Michel Maffesoli is the godfather of ‘neo-tribes’, and he describes the new world of tribalism in his book ‘The Time of the Tribes’ in 1996. On one hand there is social dissolution and extreme individualism, and on the other end people are embarking on a reverse movement to recompose their social universe. Instead of up-rooting people are re-rooting through tribes, and in doing so they rely less on previous structures, such as institutions, and class. To put it short – the world has changed. Cova, also French, wrote a… More