IBM workshop 1

Today we worked with IBM team using Design Thinking and Human-Centred Design methods to design an App about food and recipe. The workshop began with building personae, and our class were grouped into 4 team. Our group were thinking about a person who named Lin and she is 25 years old. She is a banker which job are about finance, she’s busy and very good at data analyses and math. Because of her role, it is no time to find a boyfriend into her life. Then we created a empathy map in order to list ideas of what she might to do with social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.So finally the character(persona) we built up is a person who are proud of her job and she wants a perfect life and accepted in the online world, besides, she still wants a guy to date/marry. After some brain-stormings based on her character, our group created several recipes for her, which are Slim & Slay Recipe, Quick Easy Dishes, Under Spell of love Recipe, Like Mother Recipe. Then we had to decide which the post of ideas we wrote up with Least Effort and Value to user.

At the end, we drawn story board to show how our App running up and the scenario about what gonna be happen. IBM workshop 2

The story board would be:  Lin is starving after whole day work → She saw someone post his/her food on the social media on her way back home → She saves the picture and scan it through our App → the App shows the dishes which involved in and prepares to send to her home → So when she arrives she could cook immediately → Besides! She gets time to meet someone.