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What’s the Next?

This is a video about what’s going on with this project.     Main points: • Display the suggestions without laptop and Arduino. • Transfer the words information into the accepted image information. • Integrate existing messy information to produce only one result. • Think of aesthetics in terms of design… More

Final Outcome: Speculative Film

In the world of AI technology, the film focuses on the consequences of AI everywhere, especially in affecting our decision-making and abusing of our information without any permission. The film is divided into three parts – enjoy AI, do not agree with AI, and finally can not tolerate AI abusing our data and personal information. The protagonist Tracy finally can not bear with AI anymore, She felt that her privacy has been infringed, so she decided to stop relying on it. More

Social Thing: Feedback from Final Crit

Today we had the final crit with Rania and Ricci from IBM. We did the first presentation about our tribe with them in April, and they came to see our prototypes and gave useful feedbacks for us today. I showed my project to everyone and also look at others work, I have to say, it was a wonderful session this morning, all the others work were quite interesting and impressive! I also got some useful feedback from IBM guys, Gareth, Nicolas and some of my classmates. Thanks for everyone. Here are some important points: how about input data? maybe… More

Developing idea

I photoshopped this picture which I wear the high-tech contact lens.   According to the feedback, I got from the tutorial, I began to think about the need to implant the human body chip. If we want to enjoy the convenience of technology, this is what we must do sacrifice? Is there any technology that can be solved now? So I got the inspiration from the movie “Her” and I began to explore using existing technology to imagine the future of everyone relies on AI. How can I make people do not rely heavily on AI? My answer… More

Social Thing: 3rd Prototype

Biorhythm Calendar As my tribe is the women who do their make-up on the tube, essentially, the value of this tribe is the fast life in contemporary society and people do not have enough time to do those kinds of things, such as makeup. So that they made full use of their fragment time in their daily life. In that case, my idea is based o the biorhythm of themselves, which could calculate their own biorhythm according to your birthday and generate three data. Those three aspects are the physical, emotional and intellectual condition. So… More

Social Thing: idea development

After the second prototype, I extended my direction to biorhythm, which is an attempt to predict various aspects of a person’s life through simple mathematical cycles(by Wikipedia). From the mindmap I created, you could see that the first part I want to explore is chronobiology, which is related to alarm, so that the random machine I made will separate weekdays and weekends, and will provide people different options on those different days. To do list on weekdays will be things about study and work, but on weekends, things will be relaxable, like listen to music or play games. More

Social Thing: 2nd Prototype

Then, I used Arduino to create a random machine to help people make choice what they will do in the morning. There is my prototype: Here is my Arduino code: Feedback: From the conversation with Nicolas, he suggested me that I could build a database based on biorhythm which could separate weekdays and weekend, and also from my idea about the future teller, he gave me advice about “change” project and Chinese lucky cookie, which belong to Astrology. More

reference: implant technology

Black Mirror Everyone’s ears are implanted with a memory chip, the memory of the picture can be output at any time, they can play, pause, playback the video, like films. In this particular chapter, the artificial eye directly replaces the original organ, and everything you see can be shared.   Woman Implants Microchip In Hand So That She Does Not Need To Carry Office Keys 25-year-old Lantz who does not have a fondness for carrying keys around, and she decided to implant a grain-sized microchip inserted in her hand. “I don’t feel as though this… More