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reference: implant technology

Black Mirror Everyone’s ears are implanted with a memory chip, the memory of the picture can be output at any time, they can play, pause, playback the video, like films. In this particular chapter, the artificial eye directly replaces the original organ, and everything you see can be shared.   Woman Implants Microchip In Hand So That She Does Not Need To Carry Office Keys 25-year-old Lantz who does not have a fondness for carrying keys around, and she decided to implant a grain-sized microchip inserted in her hand. “I don’t feel as though this… More

Initial Idea: Mircochips

My initial idea for AI’s future is that everyone will be asked to implant a microchip into their body. I can imagine the future is our people and technology integration. I think this is the best way, which machine can totally understand us, rather than relying on the current technology, by analyzing the external data to serve us. So I photoshopped this picture, it looks cool but personally, I am a little bit fear about technology implant into my body, it makes me feel be controlled. More

Research/Proposal 03- Research Question

Title:  Social Networking, Conformity, and Depression Due to the development of social networking and social media, our mind and behaviors have already been changed, there have been some new network psychology symptoms called Cyberpsychology. For example, indecisive people always do what others did, play the game that others also played with, use the networking site that others used, all they did are not determined by their own, why they do that is just because they want to have common topic and synesthesia with others. the other example is the introverted people do not know what to do when they feel embarrassing… More

Social Thing: New Inspiration

After I interviewed my tribe who do their make-up on the tube, I got the idea of using fragments time. My tribe told me that sometimes they didn’t have ideas about what things to do during this period of time. I made random as my starting point, which I hope it could help people make the decision about what they will do in today’s fragments time. My inspiration for this part is the game which I played in my childhood, it called “paper future teller”. My idea is using the random machine to run out the choices of things we will… More

AI Reference 3: Her

“Her” is a movie about the futuristic love story of love fiction in the near future with AI. The protagonist Theodore is a letter writer, he can write the most touching letters. He had just finished his marriage with his wife, and he is not yet out of the shadow of heartbreaking. A chance to let him access to the latest AI system OS1, her name is Samantha, she has a charming voice, she is considerate and humorous. Theodore and Samantha discovered that they were so marginalized very soon. But man-machine relationship eventually developed into a strange love that was… More

AI Reference 2: IOT house

IOT—The Internet of Things is transforming every corner of life: the home, the office, city streets and beyond. IoT products provide human a greater control over door locks, lights and other devices; offer insights into resource consumption habits; and better connect us to the people, systems, and environments that shape our daily lives. The relationship between AI and IOT: AI typically works in tandem with the Internet of Things (IOT), which includes devices like connected and wearables home gadgets.IoT collects the information, but AI is the engine that will power analytics and decision-making from that information. IoT connects disparate… More

AI Reference 1: AlphaGo

Ref 1. AlphaGo match with the human.   The number of possible scenarios on the chessboard is much larger than the number of atoms in the universe.   Alphago’s search process in the Monte Carlo tree. Source: Nature     For AI, the world is presented in a digital way. AlphaGo includes two deep neural networks: Value Network and Policy Network. The value network makes AlphaGo able to clarify the situation, the global “strategy”, abandon the inappropriate route; strategic network makes AlphaGo can optimize each step, around the… More

Primary Research on my tribe

This morning I took the Central line from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. I recorded women doing makeup and also I tried to do so as well. The problem is there are too many people in the tube in the peaking time, it’s hard to have a sit and also hard to do make-up without someone’s disturbance, I was like shaking by the tube and by the people who shaking by tube as well… I had conversations with 7 women. I asked them why they do their make-up on the tube. 2 of them said they’ve never think… More

Social Thing:1st Prototype

The picture above is my inspiration, which is one device enhance the stability when you take the tube or bus, so that people could sleep on the train.   So I made a belt as my first prototype. The theme is about “public and private”. There is feedback I got from my lovely classmates:… More