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Materials Choosing

LED Stripe Through discussion with the teacher, I chose LED stripe as the final display light, on the one hand, because it can make a very cool effect with the Arduino, on the other hand, because the distance sensor can trigger its switch to provide more possibilities of LED.  … More

Test my idea

There is the code: #define ledPin 13 #include “mpr121.h” #include <Wire.h> int delay_ = 0; int irqpin = 2; // Digital 2 boolean touchStates[12]; //to keep track of the previous touch states void setup(){ pinMode(irqpin, INPUT); pinMode( ledPin, OUTPUT ); // pinMode(LED_BUILTIN, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(irqpin, HIGH); //enable pullup resistor Serial.begin(9600); Wire.begin(); mpr121_setup(); } void loop(){ digitalWrite( ledPin, HIGH ); delay( delay_ ); digitalWrite( ledPin, LOW ); delay( delay_ ); readTouchInputs(); } void readTouchInputs(){ if(!checkInterrupt()){ //read the touch state from the MPR121 Wire.requestFrom(0x5A,2); byte… More

Develop Ideas

After tutorial with my tutor, I found I ignore one important reason, which is introverts may do not want to express their emotions, so my design should not require them to do that. So the concept 2 I would like to put touch sensor on the handrail and put lights on stairs. The audience could trigger the lights on by touch the handrail. More


from my research, I found introverts are easy to be Internet Addiction because they are afraid of face-to-face communication, so in order to support this personality and encourage them to communicate in the real life. (is not their fault, it’s just a mental phenomena)So I want to design an installation that audience making sounds( no matter clapping or stamping the floor )or using their body movement or another non-verbal commuication way with other strangers to change the environment, like the lights and sounds around the area. The core idea is about transferring the sound and action elements of the room into… More

Case Study-A chair for escaping uncomfortable social situations.

Taiwanese designer Yi-Fei Chen designed a chair (figure 2) that could escaping uncomfortable situations, if you sat for too long, the cushions above the wooden stools explode, often giving the user an excuse to escape the embarrassing social scenario in order to prevent the seat from exploding. In Eastern culture, it’s very rude that you’re telling someone you want to be alone on social occasions, so she wants to provide a well-designed excuse for introverts. She was inspired by smokers, she wanted to create things like cigarettes and was used by only one person in social settings, so she created… More

Introverts behave online——Webtroverts

The Internet is the result of technological development, and its emergence breaks the boundaries of time and space so that people could communicate with each other without face-to-face. Henderson and Zimbardo(1998) believe that the degree of introversion is generally increased due to the improvement and progress of information and communication technology, and it will cause the decrease of face-to-face communication and daily contact. the rise of social media will undoubtedly save the introverted personality. Internet communication is likely to replace the face-to-face communication,… More

The Power of Introverts

Our world prizes extroverts—but Susan Cain makes a case for the quiet and contemplative. She reaches millions of people through her books, podcasts and her mission-based organization, Quiet Revolution, which empowers introverts for the benefit of everyone.  … More

What is an Introvert?

Introversion and extroversion occur on a spectrum. This means that there are different degrees of introversion. No one person is completely an introvert or completely an extrovert. Though every introvert is different, most introverts share certain traits and challenges. In Eysenck’s personality typology, he said “The extrovert is a friendly person who seeks company, desires excitement, takes risks, and acts on impulse, whereas the introvert is a quiet, reflective person who prefers his or her own company, does not enjoy large social events, does not crave excitement, and may be seen by some as distant and remote. ”(p.28) Introverted including… More

Ars Electronica

  Last week our class took part in one of the biggest art and design festival—— Ars Electronica Festival 2017in Linz.  I showed my Social Thing Project-biorhythm calendar in this exhibition, which is about telling people who in fast life to use their fragment time efficiently. Basically, biorhythm has three conditions, they are physicial、emotional and intellectual, they represent our body and mind condition and kind of like our biological clock. Through this exhibition, I found most of the people do not know what is biorhythm, but they do really like using it to check their day. The… More